Jessika Higbie
Jessika Higbie 6 pledges

I hope and pray that all companies stop testing on animals. I love animals of all kinds. I was sad to hear that Avon is now on the list of companies that test on animals. I use to sell Avon with my mom. She still sells it. Mary Kay I think is on the list. If anyone knows where I can write to these companies to tell them to stop animal testing then let me know. I will send them an email and tell a friend who also sells Avon.

May god that these companies do stop testing on animals. I do love Avon products but just wish that they would stop testing on animals. These animals did nothing to hurt us humans yet we hurt them. How dare the heartless humans that test any products on animals. They are suppose to be our friends and not used for testing whether it be cosmetics or non cosmetic products.


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