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THIS COMES FROM A VISIONARY....who has given me permission to share her time with Kiya.

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THIS COMES FROM A VISIONARY....who has given me permission to share her time with Kiya. 

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Hello,I know the chances of my email actually being read or even seriously considered may be low. But I have to try.

This is going to be an extremely long email so I hope u can sit for at least 20 or so minutes.

Yes, I am an animal psychic/communicator. But before I get into all that, please know that I was actually a police officer for 8 years. It was doing that line of work that actually opened my eyes to animal cruelty. If a spouse is getting beaten, chances are the family pet is as well. I left the police department and worked in the animal shelter field for the next 10 years. Before I get to Kiya's story, here is a portion of the "about me" my Facebook profile. 

I just recently stopped keeping it a secret. 

You may skip it if you wish, but it does kinda explain it better: I "connect" with animals in a special way. I guess you can call me an animal psychic/communicator. 

In my line of work, I've had to say goodbye to many, many animals, and these were the ones I first began to connect with. Unfortunately, many of them healthy, adoptable animals, often having to euthanize them myself. There's just not enough homes for them, and society often makes mistakes that prove to be unfair to these animals as well. Feeling their physical or emotional pain is often heartwrenching, but I have much comfort knowing for a fact that these animals do indeed cross over to the Other Side. I've had much too many experiences to know otherwise.At first my ability was a curse to me, because everytime I "connected" to an animal, they were either crossing over at that precise moment, or already on the Other Side. But I now see my ability as a Gift to embrace, and it brings me joy when animals come to me for guidance/reassurance, or to get a message across to a loved one. 

Oftentimes, animals who come to me are also very much alive, but for whatever reason need to "tell" me something. It has silently helped me in my field of work. I've been able to connect with lost pets also.

***And now for the long part. Here is the story I just posted of how I "connected" to Kiya last night:

The case of Puppy Doe/Kira is absolutely horrifying and to many, probably the worst animal cruelty they have ever seen. 

Like many of you, I have silently sent my love to this beautiful dog, and have sent my prayers...that Kiya feels peace, safety and is in a better place once and for all. And that she knows that the world over has overwhelming love for her, despite the one (or more) humans who did not.But I, like millions of other animal lovers, am sickened and angered to the core, and cannot rest until justice for Kiya happens. 

The person(s) responsible for such sadistic torture needs to be taken off the streets asap.I have been hesitant, even selfish perhaps, in taking the time to try to "connect" with Kiya. Because I was actually scared. Scared to see or feel what she went through, even though we all pretty much already know. But did I really, truly want to put myself "in her shoes" so to speak? It was unfathomable enough how this poor sweet dog suffered. Was I willing to attempt to communicate with her and receive her "messages" which do not always come in the form of words, but rather, emotional states and physical sensations. I was also worried I might not even connect at all. Or pick up on things that wouldn't help. 

As I said, I've been connecting to animals for years, but it has actually only been recent that I discovered I could intentionally connect. So I am still in the "experimental phase" Likewise, i am hoping that even if my "insight" may not help fund Kira's abuser, I'm hoping it will give peace of mind, comfort to all those affected by Kiya. Initially, I did not want to "pick up" on Kiya. 

But, for days it has just been pulling at my heart and there was an urge that would not settle. I finally felt ready to go through with it last night. I just had a feeling it would be tough. 

But I asked for protection, asked Kiya to please come through to me, that I wanted to help. I didn't feel quite comfortable sitting down to a direct meditation to contact her. So, I decided to start with a Tarot reading first. 

And here is what came out if it:The spread that I used was specifically for pets. And even though Kiya was not my pet, my love for her, as well as the love others felt for her (though after the fact of hearing her story) is just the same.In the tarot reading, I immediately felt Kiya's energy and almost a "relief" that she could "tell" me what she wanted the world to know. 

And this sweet dog immediately wanted to show the unconditional love and appreciation for those who did come to her and and show compassion, albeit for very brief amount of time. 

I was in tears already, because she made sure to get that message out to me first, even before who hurt her, etc. Kira wants us all to know that she knows we didn't just euthanize her and forget. She sees all the support she has, and loves us for it.

The next thing Kiya told me broke my heart, but I wasn't surprised. Yes, she is pain-free now, but far from "Resting in Peace" She didn't expect nor want her sudden euthanasia, but by no means is she mad at or upset at the vet for doing it. She just couldn't understand. 

She loved the people who showed her kindness and didn't want to leave them. 

She wanted to get better and was hopeful for a normal, loving new life. And I had to tell her she would not have recovered, she would have been in constant physical pain, and that the vet euthanized her out of kindness. 

Kiya has not completely "crossed over" to the Other Side yet:( Her frustration is keeping her in limbo. She still feels like she's not at Peace, still feels problems. Terribly sad, yes, but I did not feel she would be "stuck" forever in this state. The tarot reading indicated very, very strong support, a strong investigation by the police department. I believe Kiya had at least four separate owners/households. Somebody knows something. I believe Kiya's abuse started with several people, a group of men. But towards the end, there was one active aggressor, I felt fear from a man Kiya recognized. 

There is also some instinctual knowledge involved, someone is hesitant to come forward because risk of losing something/someone. Perhaps a mother protecting a child.The conclusion of the reading was a little more uplifting. I have no doubt that the suspect will be found one way or another, his world will come crashing down. I believe it's a young man, an extremely dangerous individual, drug-alcohol influenced and even suicidal. Kiya will then cross over peacefully, only when our hearts are at peace knowing someone will be brought to Justice. Kiya won't stay at the Other Side for long. She will return to live a new, joyous life with someone special deserving of her love. In other words, she will be reborn. I've seen this happen before with other animals, and so will it with Kiya. 

After the tarot reading, I then decided to meditate and get more information from Kiya, like physical clues, sensations, visions, anything that would help identify the suspect(s). I asked not to feel her physical pain, but rather sensations to make me understand what happened.

The first thing I "got" was the terrible loneliness and emptiness Kiya felt. And the hopelessness of a situation I hadn't even been told about yet. I felt darkness, very silent. I asked her to give me some sounds. 

There was nothing.But I did feel she was indoors, at least most of the time throughout her ordeal. I felt concrete floor, the air was stuffy. Perhaps a garage, warehouse, mechanic shop?Then, out of nowhere, a random thought of the letter M. Have no idea what it could mean. 

Then, I felt like I was tethered, not on the sense that I felt something around my neck, but in the sense that my head was being forced low, unable to raise normal and straight. Like Kiya (cuz I'm experiencing thru her) was tethered so low she couldn't stand properly. Or maybe in a crate where she couldn't stand properly.Kiya told me she was very quiet for the most part. She was just trying to "be good" 

Another random word came to me. Or, rather, I should say, name. Richard. That name just came to me. And again, it's hard to explain, animals may give words, but not in the sense that they're actually talking. 

But they can actually comprehend words. And I'm sure in the same sense that a dog can comprehend the word "sit", a dog can comprehend the "word" associated with someone they know.Does it mean "Richard" is the suspect? I have no idea. Could be. Or could be someone Kiya knew otherwise. Maybe someone she loved. 

Maybe Richard is somebody who knows who the suspect is. Maybe Richard is also the name of a business, like "Auto Repair by Richard". 

Maybe Kiya was abused by someone who lived on Richard Avenue. The possibilities are endless. And frustrating. But the name Richard definitely struck me as important.

Then I see a white male's hands. Very filthy, dirt in his nails. Maybe his work involved getting dirty. But looked young, definitely was not an old man. A man in his 20's.I was getting more and more drained as I sat and received info. I felt the "sensations" of her injuries. 

Again, I had asked to be protected, not to feel the actual pain itself. "My" body felt completely shattered. That's the best way I can describe it. I literally felt like just cracked eggshells. My head, particularly felt several sunken-in areas. And I don't even know if this is of any comfort to myself or others, but through much of the abuse, Kiya was unconscious or in a sense was able to detach herself from the pain. I never once felt that she tried to bite back or became aggressive, she only tried to get away. 

So, if a suspect ever comes out of all this and says he beat her to defend himself from an aggressive dog is an absolute sick liar, monster.I will try again tonight to get through to Kiya. There is no doubt in my mind that what I experienced was real, and not simply imagination...


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