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New petition for Pauline Conboy - Irish Woman with Downs Syndrome still denied passport

New petition for justice for Pauline Conboy - Irish Woman with Down's Syndrome still being discriminated against and denied a passport!

Your continued support means so much to our fight to get Pauline's rights restored. 

Even though the previous petition did get some media attention, it was quickly suppressed and the Irish Passport Office again denied Pauline's passport application of February 5th this year... their latest excuse for their blatant discrimination against her was that the "Passport Service" was "minded to form the view" that she didn't have the "mental capacity to understand the application process"!!!  Utterly insane!  Needless to say, there is no law that requires anyone to pass a test showing they can understand the application process in order to qualify for an Irish passport or a passport in any other civilized country. 

Indeed today September 30th, 2013, Eamon Gilmore is quoted in an article about the new design of Irish passports on Breakingnews.ie.  He said "article two of the Constitution,  makes it clear that essentially anybody born on the island of Ireland is entitled to an Irish passport.”  Pauline was born in Ireland, yet he stubbornly continues to wrongfully deny Pauline that right for no valid reason and without due process of law.  Pauline did nothing to deserve such disgraceful mistreatment by the Government of Ireland.  As her brother and advocate, I must continue to speak out for Pauline to stop them from trampling on Pauline's rights like this. 

With the immense support of my family and good people like you, I have been battling this injustice for almost 2 years now.  Over that time, they have tormented me with one fabricated excuse after another, each of which I would have to research to find that it had no validity whatsoever.  Now that they have finally run out of excuses - they won't answer me at all!

It's really hard to believe this could have happened in Ireland, but it did! Now the only hope Pauline has is for good people like yourself to once again shine the spotlight on her plight and shame the Irish Government for their ongoing mistreatment of an innocent woman with Down's Syndrome.  We are deeply grateful for your previous support... but could we ask you to again sign the new petition for justice for Pauline to keep the pressure on them. 

Pauline is a fun loving person and a joy to be around. Nothing she enjoys more than hanging out with the family, shopping, going to the beach, restaurants etc., just like everyone else.  All we have ever wanted to do is give her the best life we possibly can, now that both our parents are dead.  Thank you so much of your help and support - it means so much to us and helps to keep us going. Please sign and share the new petition... https://www.causes.com/campaigns/34939-stop-irish-government-from-violating-human-rights-of-adults-with-downs-syndrome?

With Warmest Regards, William (Liam) & Collette Conboy

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