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It's Working! Anti-GMO Shoppers Hurt General Mills & ConAgra

The Traitor Boycott is working! Investors Business Daily is reporting that anti-GMO shoppers are hurting sales at General Mills and ConAgra!

The Organic Consumers Association called a boycott of General Mills and ConAgra brands because the companies are fighting consumers' right to know about genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Using the Grocery Manufacturers Association as their front-group, the two companies' top executives, Gary Rodkin, CEO of ConAgra, and Ken Powell, Chairman and CEO of General Mills, have led the fight against GMO labels. The GMA, with Rodkin as Chair and Powell as Vice Chair, has spent $2.2 million so far to beat Initiative 522, a Washington State ballot initiative to label GMOs. 

In its story on how the boycott is impacting sales, Investors Business Daily reports, "The big food companies face growing competition as smaller organic-foods rivals like Annie's nibble away at market share."

Annie's is a Yes on 522 supporter and donor. Please continue to support businesses that have endorsed 522 and boycott members of the GMA!


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