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A special thank you message from Mayalu.

Please watch this special message from Mayalu Txucarramãe, an indigenous leader of Brazil's Mebêngôkre and Waura ethnicities working to defend her people in the Xingu River Basin from destructive mega-dams – including the Belo Monte Dam.

Accompanied by Amazon Watch, Mayalu left her home to travel to Washington, DC, New York and San Francisco last week to share a message on behalf of the people of the Xingu River. Her people and her culture are at grave risk because of Brazil’s plans to continue construction of Belo Monte.

Causes supporters have already raised over $5000 toward Amazon Watch’s Annual Event. Thanks to a generous offer by the Kindle Project Fund – every dollar contributed will be doubled up to $10,000. If you have not already done so, please donate today to help us meet this goal.

If completed, Belo Monte will ruin the lands and livelihoods of thousands of riverine communities and indigenous peoples. This campaign is one of several that Amazon Watch is waging to protect the Amazon – the “lungs of our planet” – in partnership with communities who are front line defenders of the Amazon rainforest.


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