Serena Cameirano
Serena Cameirano campaign leader

On Nov 8th I m turning 30. As a present I would loved to be able to give a child the possibility to get a life saving surgery.
I am deeply moved by the amazing work done by Italian NGO Emergency. After watching a screening of the Oscar nominated documentary "Open Heart" I have started getting involved with this NGO and trying to contribute to their cause.

"While heart disease is often associated with the excesses of Western nations, severe cardiac diseases requiring surgery are extremely prevalent in resource-poor Sub-Saharan Africa.
Because medical treatment is often unavailable, minor maladies like strep throat are often left untreated, and lead to a host of complications, including rheumatic fever, which – especially in young children and teenagers – can permanently damage the heart valves. Children with the weakened valves show symptoms of fatigue, fever, bloody coughing and trouble sleeping. They quickly become weaker as their valve tissue deteriorates, and open-heart surgery – while invasive, dangerous, and prohibitively expensive – quickly becomes the only option to repair or replace the damaged valves and save the children’s lives.
There are an estimated 18 million people afflicted with rheumatic heart disease and in need of urgent surgery, almost two thirds of them children, and the disease kills 300,000 people per year"

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