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My father, Richard Munoz, served in Vietnam from December 1966-December 1967. He was in the 25th Infantry and was stationed in Cu Chi. He came home with significant hearing loss and PTSD. Later, he suffered from numerous illnesses due to his exposure of Agent Orange. In February of this year, he was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer primary source unknown. He passed away June 17th at the VA Hospital's Hospice Unit in Long Beach, CA. His final autopsy report stated that his cause of death was from cholangiocarcinoma. My father had a host of registry recognized illnesses, and I can't help but wonder if this too is related. I know that nothing can make this better or bring him back, but recognizing that his death was due to his service would help his family in the healing process. It might also in some way, help other veterans that are not yet diagnosed with this horrible disease.

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