Rose Vos
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For 50 years I have seen things trainers do to horses.
I believed there was better ways without pain and fear which is still the main practice. Sadly I have seen horse owners look the other way knowing what goes on behind closed doors.
I had someone try something Chris Cox did on my Arabian gelding not understanding the danger or fear it could cause the horse. The horse almost killed himself in the first 16 hours he had the horse. His left leg was tied up to the girth so when he took a rope and pulled it tight to see if he would buck the horse could not run. The rope he used was some cheap junk that had no way to release it stayed tight. The horse had rope burns so bad he could hardly pee. He ended up falling, hurt his shoulder and put his foot through the metal wall,almost sawed his hoof off. He lied about the horse being OK even and wanted me to bring the horse back. Who does such a thing?
We as people have to realize these wonderful horses are a gift. In my 32 years of training horses I have found that if you respect a animal and give them time to understand what you want, great things can happen. There is no better feeling than to have a horse work with you and be willing. Rose


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