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Founder Jason Flatt named Dogtime 2013 Unsung Hero

Jason is someone you never forget.

In the four years since founding the organization, Jason and his hardworking volunteers have been able to make a world of difference for the most misunderstood dog breed. But ever tireless in his quest to promote responsible ownership, fight breed prejudice, save abused and neglected Pit Bulls, and put an end to pet overpopulation, Jason still wakes up every day wishing he could do more for the dogs he loves so much.

“Not being able to get to them all is a difficult realization I am forced to face everyday,” says Jason.

It is the knowledge he can’t possibly save every Pit Bull that makes Jason so passionate about educating others, urging people all over the country to join in the effort, to advocate for the breed. Friends to the Forlorn is based in Georgia, but Jason says there are easy ways people in any community can help Pitties in need.

“The best thing readers can do is open their minds,” he explains. “Don’t judge the breed by what you have heard. Judge each dog individually. Volunteer for your local rescue or animal control facilities. Foster and educate people about proper pet ownership and most of all promote spaying and neutering.”

Jason feels honored to have been named DogTime’s Unsung Hero 2013, and is very excited for the projects Friends to the Forlorn can complete using the $10,000 prize. The organization is currently prepping for their third annual “Beat the Heat” event, at which they offer free spay and neuter, vaccines, deworming, food, and plenty of leashes and collars to cats or dogs owned by Paulding County residents. At their previous two “Beat the Heat” events, Friends to the Forlorn was able to spay and neuter more than 500 animals.

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