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Why this is so important to me and my family.... Today we live in a world of terrifying sickness, disease & cancer! Linked to these sicknesses is a world of environmental factors including food pollutants. Food pollutants not only make us sick and weaken our immune system but they distroy the environment as well. Buying organic is one of my only line of defense against at all. It gives me and my family a chance at gaining health and beating the odds at all the sickness and disease. If you take away the organic standards that do not allow inorganic ingredients in you are taking my choice and my chance at my family's health away. It's not right. It's not only wrong it's unethical. You can't sell organic products with inorganic products in them. What's the point. Furthermore, allowing these inorganic ingredients in not only is wrong but it also sets the tone for them to be produced and cause more harm to our planet which is already in extreme disarray. One more thing I want to ask, do you have children? Do you love your family? Is their health your top priority? Is yours? Allowing this to happen clearly sends a strong message that it isn't. Please don't be just another politician that allows corporate America have the say once again. Can you go to sleep at night and honestly say that what you stand for is yourself, your people, your children?

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Under pressure from the Organic Trade Association, representing some of the largest players in the organic and natural food segment, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has once again weakened the standards for organic. Tell the USDA National Organic Program: Save organic standards! Reverse the NOSB's new rule that weakens organic standards. Without any input from the public, the USDA…

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In order for a product to meet the criteria for USDA organic certification, neither the product nor any of its ingredients can be genetically engineered, or genetically modified. Certified organic products and ingredients also can't be irradiated. So why is it that organic regulators allow the process of mutagenesis in organic—even though mutagenesis is a form of genetic modification that…

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