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I do not believe the Chief can control how many police have left the city. Since it is the largest exodus of police in American history. over 700 have left since 2010. When Reed in 2009 said the police were understaffed and they needed 500 more officers. It is confusing how Reed and Liccardo got rid of all the cops. There was a Parks Enforcement Unit that did in fact enforce these rules. The Mounted Unit was in the park all the time and enforced the rules. There was dirt bike unit that use to enforce the rules there too. Not to mention the gang unit, street crimes unit, youth Service Detail, etc etc. All these units are gone. Downtown also had 12 officers in it Now it has 3. Do the math. The officer have no time to respond to these low level crimes. Sorry but everyone that believed the Liccardo/Reed/Constant/Oliverio lies and voted for Measure B said we do not support the police. So the police left to places where they have higher pay, better benefits and better pensions. Liccardo likes to say we hiring more police. 170K per officer to get through the academy. NBC News reported on 9-27 that 8 of the new 40 officers that graduated are going to leave for a city that cares. WHY HIRE MORE POLICE WHEN THE CITY DOES NOT TAKE CARE OF THE ONES THEY HAVE? This petition should be to your city council. Chief cannot send an officer to a couple men fighting in the park when there are people killing each other in another part of the city.

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