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Phone Ap to Report Cane Smoke on Maui

Maui Tomorrow Foundation has created a free phone ap for reporting sugarcane smoke on Maui. Available for both Iphone and Android, just go to your phone's ap store and download "CleanAirMaui".

It was created by CitySourced and a screenshot is attached.

Although we saw a 75% reduction in burning for March and April this year due to new no-burn day rules, with the return of the tradewinds, we're back to being smoked out.

So it is doubly important to report smoke at ground level any time it impacts you. Together we WILL get this stopped.

MoveOn.org financed No Burn bumperstickers and you can get one for FREE. Just contact Karen Chun.

Here's an image of the bumpersticker: http://stopcaneburning.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/BanTheBurn.png

Many thanks to the Maui Tomorrow Foundation for creating this phone ap and joining the fight for clean air and healthy lungs!
http://CleanAirForKeiki.org (Clean Air For Keiki)

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