I should start by telling you that I have never been used in human trafficking, however, I know what it feels being trapped in a situation where I felt completely powerless, afraid and alone with no way out. When I was in my teen years I got involved in a relationship with someone way older than me. He presented himself as a really nice guy who was only interested in a good friendship. I was fourteen and pretty naive and gullible. As he gained my trust he than started approaching me in a more romantic intended relationship. I was thrown, but this was my friend, my buddy who always said he would protect me. I must admit I had never been kissed, my friends in middle school used to make fun of the fact that I hadn't experienced this "right of passage" sort of deal. I never felt the need to rush, see, I believed in a fairy tale kind of kiss and then happily ever after sort of deal, I was a dreamer, with hopes of finding my one true love, my prince charming. Then one day, he kissed me. I did like it, it was nice, soft and it made me feel like floating. So there I was, entering what I thought was my fairy tale, he made the usual promises...eternal love, happiness and protection. Every girl wants this. I was fourteen and I thought he was the one. As time passed reality snuck in and my beautiful fairy tale began to turn into a horrible scary tale. I never understood the power he had over me, the way he controlled me, and the way he played with my mind to keep me away from others. I started to feel like a prisoner instead of a princes. I was constantly humiliated and mistreated, when he started wanting more intimate things I felt helpless, so scared, I felt so small because of all his passive aggressive commentaries and manipulation. I was in hell. So maybe you are wondering why I didn't just walk away, tell someone, ask for help. Paralyzing Fear!!! He then started to manipulate me into being intimate, something that I didn't want to do, there is a psychological term called, The Stockholm Syndrome. This is when a person develops feelings for his/her abuser. It makes you feel like you owe him and that you need to please him, and you become a prisoner in your own body and mind. I was constantly told by him that I had nothing and no one, that I would never find anyone other than him to love me. And I believed it, for a while. The point in trying to get across is that, I felt helpless, scared, used, manipulated and treated like a rag doll. It took me three years of my teenage years to finally get the courage to stand up and walk away, I never went to the police because abused women always become the accused, you go from being a victim to being "the one who provoked it". So this was my experience, it will never compare to what is going on right under our noses, but if I felt entrapped in a bad relationship, just imagine how these women and children feel! They are constantly abused, tortured and passed around hundreds of disgusting pervert's. It doesn't matter how poor or rich the abusers are, some have so much power and authority and control that they can manipulate the system. Let's read, let's raise awareness to the world, we all have problems but we also have a voice and options in life. These people don't. It could happen to you, your mother,your sister, your kids, your neighbor, look outside yourself and help someone who needs it. Much love and peace for all of you! Dalianis!

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