Lalitha Chelliah
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Nestle is a prime company for the nomination of "The world's biggest genocidal company" award. This comp0any has promoted formula to communities that do not even have clean water for daily use. Around the world and the WHO has firmly recommended full breast feeding for babies everywhere and especially for babies in the developing world. Despite this the corporate laws around the world allow this company to exploit all the legal loop holes to promote formula to vulnerable communities. In addition to stealing water it also is involved in animal abuse. Cows have to milked 2-3 times a day (in large amounts) when normally the calf will drink what it needs in small amounts. This makes the udder of the cow massive and painful. In addition large amounts of land is used for the grazing of these cows so that the milk produced can then be converted to formula that babies do not need. Very few babies NEED formula but of course this company promotes it as if it is superior to breast milk. This is the worst silent genocide that is going on with the support of laws in countries around the world in the name of FREE Market. Not so free after all.


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