Update #5 ·

5000 Signatures for the Mayor!

We have been waiting in vain for several months for a meeting with Alderman Patricia de Lille.

We have, however, been encouraged by her recent commitment to conserving the public open space on the Sea Point waterfront. In her speech motivating this to the Council, she said:

“Where we have the legacy of Apartheid spatial planning, we must grab all of the shared spaces we can to foster a new sense of community... As part of our commitment to being a Caring City that considers the views and wishes of all of our residents, I strongly advise Council to keep the space open for the enjoyment of present and future Capetonians. I hope that we will be able to set an example for creating combined spaces in the future by preserving those that we have in the here and now.”

These sentiments are welcome, but the victory for the Sea Front for All campaign came after a lengthy legal battle, which cost the residents millions. Surely the mayor does not wish the people of areas such as Grassy Park, Parkwood, Lavender Hill to have to raise the funds for a court case to win the right to keep Princess Vlei as public open space - a right that should never have been lost in the first place?

Situated on the border between formerly white and ‘coloured’ areas, Princess Vlei is ideally located to build bridges between Cape Towns diverse communities, both geographically and historically. It links us to the indigenous people who first lived in the Western Cape; it has long been a site for baptisms by churches from all of Cape Town’s black communities; and it is a much-loved gathering place for communities from surrounding areas.

Through the work of the Princess Vlei Forum, people of all races, ages, and cultures have come together play, pray, create and plant for future generations on the banks of the Vlei. On Sunday September 22, we created a cairn with leaders from two Khoi and two amaXhosa groups, as well as leaders from Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Baha'i, and Judaic faiths, as an expression of our shared commitment to conserving the space.

We are confident that the mayor meet with us soon. Let us all do a final push to get those last 900 signatures, and give her 5000! Go to the Save Princes Vlei page or this address to sign the petition: https://www.causes.com/causes/792891-save-princess-vlei


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