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Hello. My name is Janis Shenwary. I am an Afghan who served as an interpreter to the US military for over seven years. I have served with many Americans and fought in many battles with them against the Taliban.

Thank you for your interest in helping me and my family get our visas back to come to the United States. Anything you can do to help, we appreciate. We are very scared. The Taliban are hunting us and if they catch us, they will kill us.

We had our visas to come to the United States, but a week ago, the Embassy told us they were revoked. We must get them back or we will die. When they told us we had our visas, I quit my job and sold my home and all my things - even all my kids' toys. Now we have nothing.

The United States promised us that if we helped them as interpreters for at least one year they would take care of us and give us visas. We must come to the United States. Please help.

Thank you,

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