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NRA's elephant hunter calls us "animal racists", compares us to Hitler.

Tony Makris, the NRA lobbyist who was filmed by NBC shooting a threatened Bull Elephant in the face is now accusing his critics of being "animal racists"!  Makris was recently on Cam & Company, an NRA radio show, where he justified his shooting of the elephant because "I'm a hunter" and "hungry people eat them." Makris doesn't stop there! He then goes on to compare his critics to Hitler

NBC should not be putting people like this on their network whether he is shooting elephants or playing tiddlywinks. 

Lets keep working together to get Under Wild Skies off the air for good.

It's clear we really have the momentum!Big thanks to Timothy Johnson at Media Matters for uncovering this story. 

Campaign won!

NBC is currently airing a television show that shows an elephant (protected from hunting in most countries on earth) being shot in the face two times. The film crew then continues to air the animal suffering as it runs away because the amateur hunter (NRA lobbyist, Tony Makris) was unable to "humanely" shoot and kill the african elephant.  We are asking NBC to cancel the show, help protect…

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