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This campaign is trying to stop the Wolf Delisting Proposals. 5 states already have it in place and now they want the other 48 lower states to join in, it will be the end of the American Wolf....why? why try and hunt and kill one of nature's creatures? There are no wolves in every state of the USA, just in some uninhabitable areas, so leave them alone, what have the Wildlife and Fisheries department got against wolves, are they trying to get rid of every endangered creature that still has the chance to live on this earth? for what reason? Wolf pelts? Greed? or what? We in Australia cull Kangaroos because there are approx. 7 million and if we do not cull them they will starve to death, we have to keep the population at a reasonable level so they can look after themselves, at least we can eat Kangaroo meat. The snake is also an endangered species you are not allowed to kill them, like the possum, platypus etc. We have to make sure that their species do not get eradicated. We are all not a mad killing spree. We have to save our different species to survive. Is it all played out for Greed? I really do not know am only guessing.

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