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Our home, the planet is in serious crisis, pollution, animal extinction, poverty, wars,
This is unsustainable, we are loosing our "renewable" resources ... we are loosing our social compassion and
our spiritual well-being ..
I strongly believe diversity teams can make a difference making decisions and implementing projects that not only generate revenue but also replenish what we are taking from the earth to make their products, stop pouring toxic waste in our lakes, rivers and oceans killing communities who reside around them, au contraire ... more women will make sure all of these stop, we do not have 50, 40, 30, 20 years to rescue what we have destroyed, we only have about 10 ...
More women leaders will make the difference with their diverse, long term vision, with their love for nature, with their love and compassion for people, communities.... we urgently need these feminine traits ... please support our cause and pledge.

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