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We need to educate Upworthy that they cannot rely on YouTube's automatic captioning service, which completely mangles the audio.

Here is a transcript of the audio, generously provided by Kristie Hosford:

"Human Activitiy isn't changing the climate."
"CO2 is harmless."
"People can't change the weather."
"The ice isn't melting."
"It's just a theory."
"Climate models are unreliable."
"Everybody knows, scientists are in it for the money."
"Scientists are, like, altering their data just to get paid."
"A scientist will say anything if you pay them."
"How could germs be real... if you can't see them?"
"Gravity is just a theory."
"Cigarettes aren't addictive."
"The Earth is flat."
"The Sun revolves around the Earth."
"You can't trust scientists."
"Of course it's true... I learned it in school."
"Of course it's true... I learned it in school."

And here is a transcription of YouTube's captions:

Beginning at ten eastern standard time speeches parents people can change them
The ice is another thing
Insisted during content models are live on
Everybody knows so I decided for the money
Scientist alike altering and just taking despite his anything we can do
Copied your mysterio if you can see them
Daddy says the game
Cigarettes are and and and
Revolves around there
Yet has signed up
Cars this year
Melanin in school
Courses during learned in school

Obviously, these captions are useless and unacceptable.

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