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Donald Thornton
Donald Thornton campaign leader

This campaign really matters to me because I have been working with multiple Women's Organizations for over twenty years to Help Build World Peace. I believe that Women are the key to eventually building out a sustainable peace if men would just put down their weapons long enough to actually hear the logic and rational thought of our great female "Peace Builders".

Is it just me or does there seem to be a dramatic increase in very dark destructive human energy? Is it just me or does there appear to be a marked increase in global conflict, war, hate and chaos?

How do we finally solve the problems of gang infested turf wars, human trafficking, mass killings, rapes, bloody vigilante murders, global civil unrest, epic riots, mass chemical exterminations, major urban shooting sprees, global terrorism, war, hate and conflict?

Or is this just all par for the course within a society that appears to be so completely desensitized by the apocalyptic-like modern day blood and gore reality that our young adults now find some type of warped relaxation in spending 5 or 6 hours a day playing grizzly dooms day computer games that reward them for how many kills they make? Is it any wonder why our young impressionable teenagers think it's OK to round up the posse and do a drive-by?

Remember when corporate America and the music industry all but eliminated "Gang Wars" in the late 90's after having spent millions of dollars to "Market the Concept” of “Peace on the Streets"?

The universal slogan of choice back then some 20 years ago was; "Stop The Violence and Increase The Peace!" Gang Wars, Murders & Drive-by's all dramatically decreased because of a well funded "Marketing Campaign" that saturated the marketplace. Maybe our fortune 500 corporations and politicians should revisit this strategy for today's generation of heartless urban terrorist and killers who make the 90's blood baths look very tame in comparison.

Isn't it about time our politicians, civic leaders and major corporate sponsors lighten up on some of the "US Military Spending" and start pumping some of those 100's of billions of dollars into some good old fashioned "Peace, Love & Unity Campaigns? You simply should not lose the same thousands of innocent young lives by stepping up aggressive funding of "World Peace, Love & Unity" movements.

I recall back in 2005, my co-founders of a Women's World Peace Charity tried to organize a fun-filled, week-long Women's World Peace Summit in Las Vegas. After months of trying our best to get the project funded, we finally threw in the towel and gave up because major sponsors were telling us that a Women's World Peace Summit was "Much Too Political" for their corporate brand to associate with.

Can you believe that? It was suddenly much too political to support World Peace, Love & Unity? Yet, what's more political than spending 100's of billions per year promoting conflict, war, killing and hate? It's somehow patriotic to send young soldiers barely out of High School off to their doom based upon faulty intelligence, cover-ups and grossly suspect trumped up weapons of mass destruction claims?

In essence corporate America was telling us back in 2005 by their lack of support that the United States was much too busy warring in the Middle East and fighting the war on terrorism to waste such precious time, labor and war chests on something as politically incorrect, soft, warm and fuzzy as a "Women's World Peace Summit". I guess they thought it wasn't macho enough or much too weak of a platform to support during times of all out war and hate.

Heaven forbid we should openly talk about "Peacefully Modifying Destructive Human Behavior" and ask for a sponsor to support such a vision. It seemed as if corporations were concerned about what the White House may think if they dare sponsor a World Peace Summit? Apparently endorsing war is all well and fine but openly endorsing peace is much too risky for their corporate image.

As we know, mankind has a long standing history of convincing ourselves that it's OK to kill each other, to usurp kingdoms, destroy countries, bomb cities, rape women and bully much weaker nations. It's all well and fine as long as we run a good, clean sales and marketing campaign that justifies our dark demonic behavior.

With enough bells and whistles, combined with colorful flags with pretty decorated uniforms and patriotic rituals, we somehow manage to convince ourselves that God truly wants us to kill and destroy each other in the name of National Security. This becomes sacred law, especially when we want to justify commandeering someone else's natural resources, money, land or oil that God's other children may own. We somehow convince ourselves that it's OK to kill others and will even lie to ourselves that God approves of our dark murderous behavior and merciless inhumane destruction.

At what point do we wake up and realize that our joint collective behavior is unacceptable in a so-called modern society? At what point do we become peace-loving, light bearing creatures that are acceptable to our creator?

How about RIGHT NOW? How about right this very moment in time? RIGHT NOW.

What say we all just simply all agree that suddenly it's time to rally support and raise increased funds to Market World Peace as simple as that? No need to read into the concept any deeper. Let's just do it and see how far we can build a much needed new World Peace Movement that we set out to make marketable that targets men, protects our youth but is spearheaded by women.

Please visit and learn more about how we are all creatively trying to help make the concept of World Peace not only Marketable, but also make it very hip, very cool, positive, media savvy and fresh!

We can do it but we can't do it alone. We need your pledge to get things started.

Stay Focused, Stay Positive and Stay in the Light!

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