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NBC Releases Statement

Hi everyone, 

You're are amazing. In less than 2 days over 35,000 people have demanded NBC to pull the show "Under Wild Skies"! The LA Times took notice and recently published an article about our campaign. In it NBC releases a statement in response to your campaign. They commit to not reair the eposode. That's a start, but we need "Under Wild Skies" of the air completly. Check it out here!

Already, over 180 people have started personal campaigns committing to collect 10 signatures from their own social networks. Thank you!! All of your efforts are bringing in 1000's more and building pressure on NBC to do the right thing .

Will you start a personal campaign? It only takes one minute!

If you cannot start a personal campaign, now is the most important time to invite your friends to join the campaign. We want to get as many supporters as possible before we plan our big delivery!

For the elephants,


Campaign won!

NBC is currently airing a television show that shows an elephant (protected from hunting in most countries on earth) being shot in the face two times. The film crew then continues to air the animal suffering as it runs away because the amateur hunter (NRA lobbyist, Tony Makris) was unable to "humanely" shoot and kill the african elephant.  We are asking NBC to cancel the show, help protect…

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