Update #1 ·

Campaign is rolling along...

Thanks to everyone is who has signed the petition thus far.  

Between the Obamacare exchange debacle,the looming debt ceiling debate, the potential government shutdown, and the fight to defund Obamacare, the national conversation isn't going to get super bogged down in a blogger rights issue however that does not mean this bill is still not a real threat.

The bill is currently sitting ideally in the Senate Judiciary Committee but that just gives the other side plenty of time to strategize a way to shove it down the throats of unsuspecting lawmakers.  

Since we have time I urge all of you to recruit your supporters to sign this petition and start their own personal campaign to recruit their supporters to sign too.  It is important we continue to be active in our fight despite the bill being hidden in committee.  

Right now we stand only a few thousand signatures short of our goal.  It is up to YOU to help make us reach this goal.

I will personally keep everyone up-to-date as I hear more.

Continue posting and spreading the word about his important issue.

For Freedom,


Campaign closed

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