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When you suspect someone from bullying a child, report it. You could prevent someone from killing an innocent child. Children are the future of our country. They also have the right to live. If a child matters to you, help us with this campaign.

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in our world the future belongs to the children,with no protection from law makers ,also government programs.they will soon lose hope,and in that manner children will continue to die because they feel that no one cares.if the government continues to cut out programs that are needed to keep them safe it want matter anymore.they,ve already given pedophiles the right to decide their own fate.child…

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since the world was created child abuse has existed,bullying continues,pedophiles roam the streets looking for pray.The government has changed laws giving them power to do what they will.ive spent most of my life trying to throw a ranch into their plans,but many of you with your negative them ,instead of trying to stop them.follow me,with your support :also with your finances…

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