Ian Brown
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I think it is despicable that, over the centuries, people of the "Old World" have invaded the "New World", the Americas, and treated the indigenous peoples of those areas abominably. Mostly the Spanish and Portuguese, in South America, and many European nations in North America. They have oppressed, killed and destroyed the lands, and lives, of indigenous peoples. It is still going on, today, and it is unforgivable. The European element, in these countries, still rules and it seems they still want to oppress the indigenous peoples to whom the land really belong. One of the worse examples is the Belo Monte dam which President Dilma Rouseff has determinally forced on the people of the Xingu river, against their will, destroying the forest, the wildlife and the peoples homes, and also contributing to Global Warming and Climate Change. It has to stop before the Earth and it's peoples are destroyed. Brazil, and many tropical countries, should be ideal for renewable energy; why do we need dams when we have the power of the sun.

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