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Ask EU to demand Romania shelters to improve standards, not waste all public funds on killing dogs as barbarians!!!

After passing with a majority in the Parliament, the new law regarding strays was approved by Constitutional Court (CCR), today 25 September.
Unfortunately, for me their decision was predictable.
The most important change is that dogs found on the streets must now be kept in shelters for 14 working days. If the dogs are not claimed by someone within those 14 days, they may be killed.
The City Hall and the Mayors can choose to continue to provide the correct care for these dogs after these 14 days.
The euthanasia is not the only option. Or is it?
It is true that the aggressive dogs do not belong on the streets of a civilized city.
But the new law will cause the death of many innocent dogs. Because sociable dogs are easier to catch, they will be the first victims.
Romanian animal lovers have long had the chance to demonstrate a solution to the stray dog problem that would please the entire community.

We created a petition addressed to European Union to urge them to control and take action against the conditions from the (most of the) local pounds, where dogs will be kept for 14 working days and where they will be waiting to be adopted, to be given a chance by the same society that accepted their execution.
It is unacceptable for any living creature to be imprisoned in these filthy public pounds, the way most of them look now.
These places put in danger not only dogs – as how Romanians will go to adopt from these miserable places, probably many dogs will get sick living there even a day….but it will be dangerous even for possible adopters, visitors to go (maybe with their kids) to look at the dogs, many people will be afraid not to get sick by visiting those filthy prisons where all you can see is dirt and all you can hear are the desperate screaming of those abused animals….

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