Sharon Trickey
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I have depression and have had it for many years now and although I take medication for it I still needed something more. On Christmas Eve in 2007 My home burned. In Febuary of 2008 I was at Walmart and there was a lady selling pit bull pups she only had one left. Well needless to say I ended up taking her. I found that I seemed happier and was more into getting out in the world now that I had her.
In 2009 I breed her once then had her fixed. I ended up keeping one of her pups and he seemed to scense the things that his mom didn't.
4 years ago I moved to a new place and was told that because of the breed I was not allowed to have them. I fought for a year to be able to keep them. I have a Dr that has has given me the letter showing that I have to have them to make it on a daily bases. I am now fighting for them once again due to the fact that I am trying to get into tribal housing and get back on my resoirvation. And once again it is due to the breed. I have found that when you say Pitbull people seem to look at you like you are crazy. I do know that mine would rather lick you then to bite. They are very scencitive to my needs also.


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