Update #1 ·

We did it! Merced Police change barbaric animal policy.

Huge News! We've won. 

First, read the exciting update (1), then a big thank you (2), and finally how we we'll work together on our next campaign(3)!

  1. The Merced Police Department did the right thing and changed their policy of killing animals at their firing range! Thank you to the nearly 50,000 people that raised their voices in the support of animals. The new policy will require police officers to call the nearest veterinarian to come to the scene of an injured animal and evaluate its condition. The veterinarian will determine if the animal should be put to sleep or given medical treatment. Read more here..
  2. If you would like to join me in writing a letter to the editor of the Merced Sun-Star thanking the Merced Police department for doing the right thing you can do that here too.
  3. Now the next steps. I want to reach out to you for our next campaign together!
Instructions: Post a link, picture or video to the campaign wall describing what you think the best next campaign target could be.Title the post "Our Next Campaign". Then we'll then pick the top ones and vote on which one we want to take on first. You can start the voting by liking and commenting on your favorite suggestions. This is how we keep our community growing and build our collective action strength!
Here we go!Thanks,Nick


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