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The abusive behavior was a known and accepted part of my new job. The bully was well known throughout the hospital, Being humililated was part of my daily routine.

I soon began to notice a pattern with the people who were her friends. They were the same. They too worked there for years, some OJT. They went to high school together, social events were spent together. It was their hospital, their club, their rules. It was my first encounter with the hazards of healthcare, and unsafe work conditions.

Sabotage was on the rise, insulting e-mails sent for all to see. I was accused

of doing things that were not true, including stealing, e-mails sent out that I was lazy, the attacks were daily. EVERYDAY I had to defend myself. If they couldn't find things, they made things up! It's a known fact in healthcare, HOW Easy it is to set someone up for failure..Things are getting worst. There is no accountability, no consequence

Aug 2011-- I finally report a nurse manager for making discrimatory remarks about family members including patients. I'm told this kind of thing is huge in a hospital, but no investigation done to my knowledge.

Sept 2011--- my son who is a nurse same hospital reports same issues to head of nursing. He is told I went in there and pulled the race card. Nothing done.

Nov---Nurse manager I reported in August, rushes over to me while I worked in ICU and states " your son just flew by me, he is pushing my buttons. She walks away comes back points her finger in my face and states ' I'M GONNA CUT HIS BALLS OFF"

Nov--Went to head of nursing and reported this...nothing done!

Dec..Nurse manager tells me the only thing she ever learned from Cape Verdean's is how to dance, and that I had something wrong with me! It was this same nurse whose husband slept with her son's girlfriend and produced a baby. I am Cape Verdean too..

I notice I am being treated differently by nurse managers. I get reprimanded for writing up patient safety issues. Even worst, I get ignored when I do.

Medication , and clinical errors noted, preventable falls resulting in fractured hips, I get ignored when I bring it up!!

Jan--Several co workers tell me of an attack they witnessed on my son by night supervisor nurse. A call to HR is made, didnt bother with head of nursing this time.

Feb-- Noticed they pulled the other RN off the unit, observed this nurse sitting down in ICU..This left my son working alone .I felt this was unsafe for the patients, so I helped out as much as I could. I knew they were setting him up, even at the patients expense. It was extremely busy that day. The manager was heard as she walked out of a patients room, that if she had to go back in there, she would slap the patients face!

Next day--Nurse ( son)is suspended for lack of documentation, and not wasting with another nurse. WHAT OTHER NURSE..SHE WAS DOWN STAIRS SITTING DOWN!

Feb--Spoke with HR I'm told to put it all in writing, witnesses included.

Mar 7th 2012-- ALL in writing, full investigation done, nurses found to be guilty

and spoken to..Yes they all still work there. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

May- 2012-- I seek medical help with all my anxiety, I am unable to sleep or concentrate..

June 2012--Nurse manager I reported approaches me in cafeteria, and tells me if she was my boss she would fire me on the spot! I walk away..

I meet the new COO in the hall, we stop to talk, soon after one of

the pulmonologist stops to say to the COO "

she is one of the strongest patient advocates in this hospital. My evals would support that.

Aug 2012 I reach into my equipment bag and get stuck with a dirty sharp object

This all taking place on the floor of the bully manager I reported. It was an IV bag with no name on it. I had to get treated, and ruled out for HIV. An investigation was done to find out where it came from, how it got there. It's still a mystery today!

Aug---I am approached by someone in xray telling me they heard my blood was in the lab because I got stuck! HIPPA.. I was becoming ill, paranoid, panick attacks happening during work, I knew my license could be at risk. August 29th

I left my job after nearly 25 years of service, and dedication. After making positive changes, and differences in patients lives.

Dec--Recieved a card from my medical director asking me to come back

I will soon respond to him.

Both my son and I have been out of work. He has made several attempts to once again turn the cheek. Recently HR told him "THEY" the nursing managers don't know what they're doing, they don't know how to terminate appropiately!

We are and have run out of money, we both had to seek medical attention.

I am so afraid of loosing my home. I am unable to sleep, enjoy my grandchildren. I experience chest pain, and headaches. I am not the same person. And this is a hospital, that has caused this much stress, and agony...UPDATE..My son was terminated, I retured to work after my FMLA was up, only to be subjected again by a new attacker..Don't ever think this kind of behavior does not exist in hospitals, for its a known fact that it does..I continue to perform my job, but these events have changed my life, my son's life, and all within a certain proximity of me/him as well..What goes on in between patient care at times would blow ones mind.. I am of the protected class; however this Bill needs to become a Law for ALL..

Our first meeting with our new boss, he states " I've gotten in trouble for saying this, but I'm gonna say it again, I have a vision for this dept. and if your not there

I DON'T CARE" I fear this is the start of the new bully...When will it end?

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My dedication, and tenacity would eventually be the thing that would destroy

my life, my career. I SPOKE UP against things most people walk away from, in fear of putting their job on the line---

The abusive treatment never stopped, I had no choice but to work around it, not realizing dysfunction only breeds dysfunction, and in time the pressure

would finally release itself..


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