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i am a very proud parent of the girl child and boy child, my loving mother (RIP) was a very responsible girl child, who together with my equally loving responsible father to raised my siblings (Alice & Dorothy, David & Joseph) and i very responsibly...! now Planet Earth has more than 7 billion inhabitants! most us are girl children and women...are we going to do a genocide or 'gendercide' for "cultural preferences" to eliminate all the girl kidz because culturally we prefer boys...whaaaaaaaat a MORBID joke???...think of the threats to the reproduction and progression of the human race...are they (those with 'cultural preference' working on test tube babies when the girl child 'runs out of stock'...will they not still need surrogate MOTHERS to carry those 'prefered' boy kidz?...the girl child is an endangered species...we should guard, protect & promote her more than the way CITES does to the rhino & elephant for their body parts...we are living in the 21st century...!!!...lets shape our cultures to boost our technological advancement so far, our progeny and of course glorify God...!!!

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