Update #1 ·

Our next move...

Thank you for taking time to support this campaign.  

Hopefully this story has fired you up and got you thinking about the rights of students in America.  I have posted a few stories that I think ask some serious questions.  

With the campaign still in its infancy I am hoping to track down someone who would like to help take this campaign to the next level.

This person should be local and able to drum up support for some on the ground efforts in Glendale.  I am hoping to take this campaign to new heights and as such would like to brain-storm ways we can spread the word and get people who are willing to take off-site actions to collect more signatures and find more supporters but also find people willing to think of ideas on how we can get more attention to the issue.

If you are interested in helping further this campaign please contact me directly and we can start the process.


Onward we go!


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