Vincent Cat
Vincent Cat campaign leader

I love animals, especially cats, and especially black cats. In lieu of Birthday Gifts this year, I'm asking .... I'm begging .... that you give a gift to the cats ... and the dogs ... and the sheep ... and the pigs .... and the chickens of Rikki's Refuge. The strive endlessly at Rikki’s Refuge to care for the animals tossed out by society, those who didn’t get adopted, those who’d die if it weren’t for them. Today, they are caring for 1300 animals of 22 species, including over 650 cats .... many who are black and unwanted for that very reason. Now they live in love and happiness at Rikki’s Refuge. Please help me help Rikki’s Refuge feed all these beautiful animals. Together we can save lives .... and that’s what I want the meaning of my Birthday to be. Thank you, Wayne

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