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AMO Letter to members of the Kurdish American Congressional Caucus

Dear Cause Supporter

Below is the content of our letter to US Representatives' offices who are members of the Kurdish American Congressional Caucus


The Honorable US Represenative
US House of Representatives

Dear Congressman

Our country’s national interest might have required that you support the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) regime and the Barazani family that dominates it, hence your membership in the Kurdish American Congressional Caucus; however, history has shown that the national interests of the United States are better served when it supports democratically elected governments which reflect the will of the majority while protecting the rights of the minority.

The rights of the Assyrian minority in the Kurd dominated region are being abused by the KRG and the main Kurdish political party which is led by Masoud Barazani. The Deforce policies of the KRG against the indigenous Assyrians of Northern Iraq have been ongoing since 2003 and after the collapse of the regime in Baghdad, but in the last several years these planned acts of intimidation have reached intolerable levels.

We strongly believe the main reason for KRG brazenness is they are of the opinion that they have been successful in developing strong and friendly relations with Western governments and also that the region is strategically important to these governments, hence, Western democracies will turn a blind eye towards “trivial” land disputes and inconsequential demographic change especially if they’re carried out under the disguise of modernization.

We also believe another equally important reason for the continuation of the unjust Deforce policies is due to the fact that no US official has ever filed a formal complaint with the KRG or publicly condemned their ill-treatment of the indigenous Assyrian Christians.

We are including with this communiqué an appeal for help by the residents of the Assyrian town of Mangesh which is located in the Nohadra (Duhok) province, one of three provinces controlled by the KRG. We’re confident that you will strongly denounce these acts with the KRG representation in DC as well as with its leadership in Iraq.




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