Jocelyn Figueroa
Jocelyn Figueroa campaign leader

This campaign matters to me because the stability of a young adult's life is dire to their future. There is not a more crucial time in a child's life than when they're teens and young adults- about to enter adulthood. If a child's life is not stable at this point in their lives, the chances of it being stable later on is at risk. When a child is in their teens and early twenties, they are paving the way to their future. Finding stability and independence now is crucial in them having stability and independence later. There is no doubt about it that government programs have waiting lists, and their is more youth at risk than spaces to support them. And, non-profits can only provide as much help as the help they receive from the public. So this is why I am here. There are few safe havens in NYC that a teenager or young adult can find shelter and support in getting back on their feet, and we need to do all we can to keep this one open.

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