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“Ram Setu”-an appeal to world consciousness.
We do not need to go into the details of when this Setu was built. That is an endeavor by the academics to work on. For a long time it was told by some section of our society that Lord Ram and ‘Ram Setu’ is a Myth and ‘Adams Bridge’(as the Europeans preferred to call it) between India and Sri Lanka was a nature made.
We, who are Hindus and have faith in our Dharm, culture and heritage like to believe that this ‘Setu’ was built by Lord Ram in Treta Yuga, an antiquity. We, those who read Ramayana, all know that story. We the Hindus with faith in their Dharm, claim that it is not only a story but also our cultural heritage. Since last 1300 years our Hindu Dharm has been maligned, the Hindus have been tortured, forcibly converted to other religion. We did not protest as we were helpless but tried our best to survive in a part of the world which was and still is our home land.
Now that, the scientific proof given by the NASA proclaimed that the “Ram Setu’ is not a natural bridge connecting India with Sri Lanka but a ‘man made’, we the hapless Hindus got a respite from the emotional and academic torture inflicted on us.
But Alas! It was not to be. Presently our own Government,has embark on a new type of hostility towards our faith. . It has come up with a draconian plan to destroy the ‘Ram Setu’ for a canal to facilitate some ship movement which will cut short of the voyage by only few hours.
Some expert has voiced that the destruction of ‘Ram Setu’ will cause unimaginable harm to Indian cost in the form of Tsunami etc. But these hostile Hindu baiters are adamant to go ahead with their plans.
Almost all of our ancient Hindu places of worship, our tradition, our cultures either have been destroyed or polluted by the successive invasions of the Arabs, Turkish and the descendants of the Mongols. We the Hindus in India have suffered a lot, which no ethnic or indigenous people of this world have ever suffered. Today our own children are culturally and spiritually so much brain washed that they hate themselves.
I looked at the definition of Indigenous people. There are lot of them and most definitions are ambiguous. The one that I felt good one is, “during the late twentieth century the term Indigenous people evolved into a legal category, which refers to culturally distinct groups that had been affected by the processes of colonization”. Now some learned men and women will say that this colonisation refers to Europeans. But I beg to differ with them, as I find that India was colonised by Arabs and Turkish long before the Europeans started colonising the world. We, the Hindus, were affected very badly by the process of colonisation of Arab and Turkish invaders, more than any other indigenous people of the world, over a period of 1300 years. Not only our land was occupied forcibly but our demography has been changed irrevocably.We the followers of Vedic Dharm has been living here in the land of Bharat for more than 4000 years making a legitimate case for us to be called as indigenous people of India. If one wishes to argue in favour of the Muslims in India; they are just the descendants of the ancient Hindus who became the victim of the Invaders and a living example of the persecution inflicted on the Hindus and the Hindustan (Bharat).
Now my argument is, if Survival International and some other organization are concerned about the preservation of the culture of the indigenous people of the world, why they do not turn their eye on us.

Yes, we are the Majority in India but we never got the political power to take care of us. Our first Prime Minister said he was a Hindu ‘by the accident of birth’. Then he was succeeded by his progeny who were in most practical purpose indifferent to our faith. There is no overt aggression towards us but a very subtle covert aggression is continuing even 67 years after our so called independence. The present plan for destroying our Hindu heritage and faith by attempting to destroy ‘Ram Setu’ is the most recent subtle aggression on us, the Hapless Hindu, the indigenous people with a distinct religious, cultural and linguistic heritage.

We have no one to turn on to. We have sustained ourselves for long by the grace of almighty but will not be able to hold on for long.
So, my appeal to you, the good consciousness of the world at large, the different good minded persons and organizations that are concerned about the indigenous people of the planet; please come forward and help us by stopping the cultural trauma and injuries that is being inflicted upon us. If we do not survive, if the Hindu Dharm, the Vedic philosophy does not survive, the world will not survive for long. Please help us!!!!!.

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