Update #2 ·

The Peoples of Sta. Cruz Wanted the Mining Companies OUT Now

The peoples of the town of Sta. Cruz, after experiencing the worst flood in recent decades wanted the mining companies operating in their town out now.

In the ongoing petition sponsored by the Concerned Citizens of Sta. Cruz (CCOS) calling for among others, the end of mining operations, rehabilitation of affected farms, rivers, fishponds and others, compensation of affected people and communities, and passing of resolutions or ordinances declaring barangays and the whole town mining free areas, the people are enthusiastically signing the petition with the hope that their voices will be heard and that government leaders will soon stop the mining operations in Sta. Cruz.  

The red water and red mud that entered their communities and houses and damaged their properties were never experienced before. This was the first time at the time when wide areas of the mountains are bald and flattened by mining companies to devour the town of the nickel deposits. 

The people don't want the repeat of their devastating experience, thus they wanted to have the destructive mining operations ended now. 

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