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I worked briefly for PetSmart in CA. I love animals & thought it would be fun to work in the Grooming Salon as a receptionist as I have never groomed a dog except to bathe my own big dogs. I went in the day before I was to start & wanted to buy a hamster because I couldn't have a dog or cat where I lived--just moved to CA. The staff opened the big clear containers top so I could see the hamsters and the staff encouraged me to play w/ them, pick them up to see temperament , etc. & staff went to help someone else. I have never been afraid so I picked up a couple & 3rd one bit me hard in my finger and my finger bled a lot. I put the hamster back. The staff was more concerned about hamster and he was checking them out while I was holding my hand up & blood was dripping on floor. I had to as another staff to get me some paper towels & told him they need to disinfect the floor where I had bled on it. They kind of laughed nervously & wished me better luck on my first day of work in the Grooming Salon. I left the store & went to an Urgent Care where they cleaned my finger and medicated it and gave me a tetanus shot. Next day, I told the store manager & he asked if I was OK? I told him how the staff reacted and how a regular customer might react if they handled it like they did. He didn't offer to pay my bill, since I was part time but I had insurance anyway. To sum up the Grooming Salon, there were only three certified groomers. One quit two days after I started. The main groomer was the manager and she started showing her dogs so she was looking to hire another groomer. She asked me & I said no because I didn't know how. I was supposed to set appointments & clean up the salon. She had me drying dogs with the blower and trimming nails-which made me nervous. Pete brought their dogs in & they entrusted us to be professional & do a great job on their "Babies " The best groomer that stayed was awesome , & she did a great job but she was in college too plus she was deaf but could lip read well. Customers loved her and I depended on her. They hired two groomers--one was an active alcoholic and was notorious for cutting Doug's nails too short making the dogs whine and their nails bleed. I would have to pack the nails and sit w/ the dogs and comfort them. Also she was an OK groomer when sober but I would send her home when she came in weaving. The other groomer they hired was OK, but not as experienced but she tried and my great groomer--college girl--would teach her new things too. If the public new exactly what was going on in the Grooming Salon, they would not leave their " Babies" there. They trusted PetSmart. I quit after 6 weeks and helped them find another " receptionist " but I was truthful & told her what she would prob. be expected to do. Oh, also, I was expected to haul a very tall, heavy ladder around the store, climb to the top, and change filters in air vents throughout the whole store! Not Cool! Afraid of heights esp on top of tall ladders carrying filters.


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