Alexis Tricoire
Alexis Tricoire donated

When I was twenty, I went all around Brasil by bus. By chance I had heard of a destination to meet isolated Kayapo indians in Para. After a couple of days in the village, I went fishing with a young Cayapo. I was rawing, he throwed the net.
After a while, we stoped with friends on the beach and made a little fire. We ate some fish there. I asked him if he wanted to visit the other word, he said no, he was in peace here. I was impressed by the total harmony between him and his environment. He was part of the land, couldn't be anywhere else than here. Since that day, I want to protect them and their environment because their way of life is so precious to keep to inspire humanity in the future.
From that day I understood the precious balance of happiness and
It was a real revelation

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