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I lost my daughter 8 years ago at the age of 5 1/2. Yes I was one of those mom's that said "oh we are only a few blocks from home you can sit in the front seat" Well I went home a different way then I normally did and the stop sign was missing from the corner. I proceeded into the intersection with caution but the other driver was going over the speed limit and hit my car. Her little brother was in his car sit in the middle of the van and was ok. She on the other hand was not. The air bag came out and hit her in the chin and dislocated her neck. She passed away on her way to the hospital in the helicopter. My mommy guilt still haunts me to this day. All the what ifs. I loved my daughter and miss her more then words can say. Needless to say my son will never sit in the front seat of the car till he is driving on his own. Everyone in my family won't even start their cars until their seatbelts are on. I hope this story helps save another child's life.

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