Sicangu Oyate Ho
Sicangu Oyate Ho campaign leader

Our school buses all over the Rosebud Sioux Reservation to provide children grades K-12 with a culturally enriching educational option. We have students who exhibit a high amount of need and have created 2 programs as a charity to our students. The first is a charity to meet student needs (including food, clothing for winter, and other necessities to be successful in school) called, "Support a Student." Students are nominated to this program by school staff and a list is maintained by the non-profit Sicangu Oyate Ho, Inc. The amount per students is $250 and 100% of this money goes directly into aid for each student who is funded.

The second program is "Support a Program," and this program helps to offset needs that students have who are participating in programs that the school offers. Programs will apply for any seed monies raised and it will allocated with respect to: 1) overall program budget allocation as apart of the school budget; 2) benefit to students in the areas of a) empowerment and exposure, b) number of students who will benefit, and c) contribution to student cultural and educational outcomes.

All funds raised as apart of this fundraiser will go to meet student needs in the areas of education or basic needs to eliminate barriers to educational outcomes. No money raised in this fundraiser will go to any kind of administrative expense. 100% of all money received will result in direct service or aid to students.

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