Animals, babies, children have all suffered from being left inside autos and trucks and other vehicles, some have even died. Some vehicles are locked, others are not! This is a world wide problem, not just in the USA. In areas of this country, summer temperatures can reach into the 120's, inside a vehicle, even if the windows are open, the heat inside can go up to over 300 f. If the windows are closed the temperature will exceed 500 f easily. What a horrifying way to die! There have been documented occurrences of children left inside a vehicle tethered to a car seat who have died after being left there for 8 hours or more, forgotten. As an animal activist I find myself trying to find a way to remind people not to leave their dogs in a car in warm weather, even if they leave the windows open for air. Temperatures can raise very quickly on a sunny day, even if the out door temperature is not considered hot, like 65 degrees f.

I believe the way to cut down on these tragic occurrences is to educate the public. Public awareness is an absolute necessity to promote a public education and awareness program throughout the country! People and young adults need to be made aware of the danger in leaving an animal inside a vehicle unattended, even for short periods of time. It is very difficult to keep track of your time when you go into a grocery store to shop, you may think that what you need to do will just take a few minuets, but in reality most people spend anywhere from 20 mins to 30 mins inside a supermarket. In just 20 mins, the inside temp. Of a car cab reach 300 degrees f. If you've left your dog inside your car for that amount of time, you will come back to find your dog either extremely I'll or dead. Some dogs will not recover from this intense heat even if given emergency treatment!

There was a case recently where a Walmart Store employee saw a dog inside a car when it was extremely hot outside. She reported this to the guard so that the guard would try to get the poor animal out. It was reported that this employee was fired from Walmart. I believe it is an act of an emergency to get any animal out of a closed vehicle, wether the vehicle is locked or not! I have done just what this kind woman at Walmart did. I went to the guard and instructed him to either get the animal out of the car and call the police, or I would. As the guard and I looked to see if the car was locked, the owner came back, the police showed up as well. The owner was given a citation for leaving an animal inside a locked car on a hot day. The poor dog was very thirsty, his heart rate elevated. The police officer told the owner to take his dog to a Vet and have it checked out!

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