Malaria No More | Ending Malaria Deaths

Dear supporters

We want to thank you again for your continued support of Malaria No More, and invite you to join the pre-launch our Power of One campaign, slated to go live this Monday, September 23rd.

There is still time for you help save a child’s life BEFORE we launch to the broader public. YOU have the power to SAVE LIVES NOW through our Causes fundraiser. Every dollar of your donation will provide a life-saving test and treatment for a child in Zambia.

And, as an exclusive pre-launch supporter you’ll help us BUILD this campaign from the ground up. You’ll have access to our new website, allowing you to engage with us and share YOUR ideas for the campaign platform. Plus, we’ll share exclusive video updates from the field, giving you an inside look at how, and who your donations are impacting.

Thank you for contributing to our Power of One campaign and helping to make malaria no more. It’s not too late to engage and commit. And it’s never too late to save a child’s life.

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