Emily Falkenrath
Emily Falkenrath campaign leader

Welcome! I hope you enjoyed the video that Healing Helpers put together! This video brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it because there are so many times that I have wondered if I was alone. As parents of children with heart conditions, we all know how incredibly difficult it is to watch your child go through the countless test, procedures, surgeries, appointments, etc.
This is why Healing Helpers started making their comfort animals. Each animal is hand-crafted to be unique, going into "surgery" just like the child adopting it. There are zippers in place of scars, and mended little organs that are made to mimic the child's own. Children ADORE their Helpers and the amount of comfort they provide is immeasurable. That's why Mended Little Hearts of KC & STL is getting involved and that's why we need YOU to get involved! Donations are going to help the Healing Helpers Hospital get the machinery and supplies needed in order to increase production. Obviously increased production means MORE HAPPY KIDS! :)

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