Filomena Horacio-Rosario
Filomena Horacio-Rosario campaign leader

Funds are not being properly used on ESE students. After 3 years of battles with the Broward county school board, I have come to the conclusion that ESE programs have been generalized for all students. In other words if your child has a learning your child will be educated the same as a child with tooth ache.
A 504 allows a child more time or to put their head down or to be absent from class and makeup their work for several days. There is no hands on teaching or different methods of monitoring a students work or learning. Teachers lack the patience and attention to identify or report that a student is not progressing due to an impairment. Special books and special learning equipment are not being granted also students being pushed out of traditional schools and parents are burdened lack of employment opportunities due to the fact of an unreliable educational system. Monies are being spent on teachers to advance their education but different methods or accommodation are not being made ESE learning impaired students in middle schools and high schools.

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