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Letters From the Children of Kasese Humanist Primary School!: Thembo Kamanzi

Awhile back, Bwambale Robert, Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda, sent me the first of an upcoming series of personal stories and letters from some of the children who attend the school.

I am also sending in a personal story from one of the student of KHPS, by the name of Thembo Kamanzi, who is among some of the children whose life has been changed. He is happy to write a short story about the school and appreciates the many good things the school  has offered to him and his family. I have scanned his short story and attaching his photo on this email.

Here's the letter Thembo wrote about his experience at the school. In it he mentions the eggs that are now being provided to the students thanks to the successful Poultry Project which was funded through a fundraiser started by this blog last year. Many donors across the Internet helped this become a reality, including readers over at Pharyngula,Canadian Atheist and members over at Atheist Universe.

Okay, I won't beat around the bush here. Like other charities out there, (many of which are religious in nature), this initiative is meant to draw attention to the many benefits of an evidence-based, dogma-free education grounded in Secular Humanism andthe school's ongoing fundraiser campaign to build a permanent school on newly purchased land. (The school currently rents its land and buildings from the railroad company).

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