Stacy Katz-Jacobs
Stacy Katz-Jacobs campaign leader

In march if 2010 my beautiful granddaughter SaNyiah was brutally beaten to death by Derrick Pitts. He murdered an innocent little girl who could not defend herself. Derrick pleaded incompetent and spent months being rehabilitated to stand trial. Derrick got a plea deal of 15 years. SaNyiah never saw 2.i lost my granddaughter lost the ability to be a grandma. To see my beautiful little girl grow up. Murder is murder...premeditated or not it is still murder.she couldn't fight him off,she trusted him to care for her.Not kill her. Justice was not served. By signing this I hope my story helps justice for the next innocent child. Please sign. Please join the fight to prosecute to the fullest. To change the laws and penalties so another murderer doesn't walk. Thank you.


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