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Some good news and also an appeal to send a letter to Bucharest, against the "terror" imposed on the streets by ASPA dog catchers. Thank you

Dear friends...The formal appeal against this horrible law, has been officialy filled with the Romanian Constitutional Court. Now, the law is frosen, until the Court comes with a decision...This will take some time.

Now, please read and send the letter to the given emails...Mr. Oprescu Mayor of Bucharest, has allowed the ASPA Director - Razvan Bancescu ot unleash the terror of dog catchers , not only against dogs but also against animal protectors, and dog owners...
People were waiting in line for hours, to adopt dogs, yet the current program is only treeh days pe week, from 11 am t0 1:30 pm...apparently the ASPA director does NOT want people to adopt...because they will lose money, by having to kill less dogs...Also...most Romanian rescuers and people who love animals, are being harassed by Police in Bucharest ( sector police and even the traffic patrole police ) and stopped, from taking the dogs used to live on public spaces...this monster who is nod Director at ASPA

Subject : Stop preventing people from saving stray dogs. STOP THE DICTATURE ! Stop the tyrany you imposed on people !

Mr. President
Mr. Mayor of Bucharest
To whom it may concern

We are outraged by the horrible and tyranic decisions taken by the Mayor of Bucharest Mr. Sorin Oprescu and the Director of ASPA, regarding the adoptions of stray dogs in Bucharest.
It has come to our attention that Bucharest's Public Shelters for dogs, have a very limited service with the public, people are waiting in lines for hours, to get to adopt dogs, ASPA does everything in its TYRANIC POWER allowed by the Mayor of Bucharest to stop people from saving dogs.
It has also come to our attention that people who try to save dogs from public spaces are verbally and physically harassed by dog catchers and it appears that SOMEONE ordered the POLICE to illegally stop cars where there are dogs and stop people ( ever arrest them ) from taking home dogs from public spaces..
Does this mean that it is TRUE what these articles stipulates ? the more dogs ASPA catches the more money ASPA ( and its buddies ) get ?
These actions are remeniscent from the Communist era and onyl show the world that DICTATORSHIP in Romania is ALIVE and WELL
Mr. Mayor, we ask that you immediately OPEN all public shelters to the public, 6 days per week from 11 am to 6 pm...and STOP the Police from HARRASING PEOPLE...
MR. MAYOR SORIN OPRESCU....now the law is frozen in the CCR....you friend , Razvan BANCESCU has NO LEGAL RIGHT to KILL any dog....if he does, you will be also chanred with breaking a Romanian law in force...Please advise the ASPA Director that HE CAN NOT KILL DOGS ILLEGALY, without risking penal complains, and much worse for Bucharets...a full blown BOYCOTT at least in the entire EU...and I think you are aware of the countless protests in from of Romanian Embassies and Consulates...
Legea a fost contestata la CCR
The fact that the law is frozen has no bearing over you ? Mr. Oprescu and you let Bancescu to kill the dogs ?
- Since 2008, the valid regulation is Law nr. 9/2008, that strictly forbids euthanasia (except extreme medical cases: terminally ill, very old).
- Bancescu publicly stated, in September 6, on all the TV channels, that he will kill the stray dogs, defying the law - his words: "pe proprie raspundere".
Thus you continue to support an individual who announced PUBLICLY that he will BREAK a law in force in his own country ?? Isn't this complicty to break a LAW ?
As such, the policemen escorting the ASPA teams are already guilty of favoring the criminals and they should be put under investigation.
So, the Police protects those who INTEND to BREAK A LAW ??
This is how LAWS are "applied" in Romania ????
QUOTE from the Romanian Penal Code ( did you forget it ? )

"Codul Penal Art. 324 - Instigarea publică şi apologia infracţiunilor

Fapta de a îndemna publicul prin grai, scris sau prin orice alte mijloace, de a nu respecta legile, ori de a săvârşi fapte ce constituie infracţiuni, se pedepseşte cu închisoare de la 3 luni la 3 ani, fără a se putea depăşi pedeapsa prevăzută de lege pentru infracţiunea la săvârşirea căreia s-a instigat.

Dacă instigarea publică a avut ca urmare săvârşirea infracţiunii la care s-a instigat, pedeapsa este cea prevăzută de lege pentru acea infracţiune.

Please advise the despicable new employees from ASPA to stop interferring with ANYBODY in Bucharest....and also tell police to leave people alone...also please ORDER these most uneducated and barbaric individuals ( chosed probably in purpose by the new Dot Catcher in Chief - Bancescu ) to stop entering private properties and to stop trying to steal people dogs...

A Romanian journalist HAS BEEN ARRESTED on the streets because she and her mother tried to save 14 dogs, from a place in Bucharest and take them to a shelter, after she found help for the dogs, from abroad !!!!!!!!!!!
Woman agressed by dogcatchers because she was protected HER OWN DOG (an ex-stray she adopted!) !!!!!!!!!!!
Shame on you Mr. Oprescu. Your action will trigger a huge international outrage and the image of your city will be tarnished for LONG years to come..
" ”Bucureştiul devine rapid o amintire obsedantă a Auschwitz-ului, un lagăr pentru câini. Autorităţile superioare din Uniunea Europeană, legate de birocraţie, par incapabile să prevină acest masacru în timp ce ne uităm şi aşteptăm neputincioşi ca el să înceapă. Şi, pe măsură ce fiecare lătrat dispare, ne întrebăm: când am ales noi politicieni ca să-i omoare pe cei vulnerabili?”, mai scrie Huffington Post."
Mr. Mayor, get rid of Bancescu and his "terrorists"....the one he intends to pay 50 Euro/dog...they are a disgrace for Bucharest and for Romania. Suspend the dog catchingh activity done by ASPA - get rid of those unqualified despicable individuals, and cancel all the contracts with those good for nothing companies, who have NOTHING to do with animal welfare...No qualified personnel, nu authorised vehicles...NOTHING>..simple MONEY EATERS, from public funds.
Please take note about just some of what it is said about Romania and Bucharest on the internet...( this is the tip of the iceberg )
Open letter posted on Angela Merkel's page...about the tragedy in Romania and the fact that Vier Pfoten Romania has been banned from entering the building where they have contract for with the Bucharest Town Hall...

Please take a look at the comments on thes pages on FB....
Romania at the edge of primitivism ( and MUCH MORE on this page ; Occupy for Animals )
read the comments here : The Barking Army
Save Aurora


ROmania : Stop the Holocaust of stray dogs

With this kind publicity I will stay away from You...your country and your products

Thank you

Town, Country.

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Please add Romania's Embassy in your country ( and consulates ) from the link below, and any other email you consider help ful...media in your country...PLEASE


Campaign closed

PLEASE READ, SIGN the petition and SHARE....Thank you...Thank you OFA !!!!!!!!!!! YOU give so much hope to the voiceless and all good people, everywhere.https://www.change.org/petitions/constitutional-court-of-romania-please-reject-the-pl912-modification-proposal-of-the-lower-house I invite you all to join this magnificent voice for animals on Facebook : Occupy for Animals... …

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Tuesday, Sept.10, 2013 : Romania has opened the gates of HELL for the stray dogs...the LEGAL EXTERMINATION has begun. Please read all the information about all the events which led to this BARBARIC decision and take note about the Mass Media manipulation and hysteria which turned half of the population, over night against these poor animals. If you wish, send it too.I will provide emails at the…

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Dear friends, This is an emergcency and a horrible situationDue to a tragic incident in Bucharest ) where a 4 years old child died because of the wounds inflicetd by some dogs ( who were living on a partially deserted construction site, beloging to a developper SR LAGUNA TEI ) because both the victim and his 6 years old brother have been left UNSUPERVISED for more than 20 minutes by their…

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