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Terrorism is the use of terror and extreme violence to coerce others to comply with their desires. This has nothing to do with religion. Terrorists can be from any religion whatsoever. From. Not part of. I have yet to see any religion that condones such acts in the name of any god. Terrorists have removed themselves from any religion and delivered themselves upon the altar of evil.

The media in so many countries likes to portray terrorists as islamists as, throughout history, those in positions of power, whether political power or holding the power of persausion fed by the media, like to use such language and scape-goating of entire races/religions/creeds/occupations to further their own ends. It is always somehow assuring to have somebody "different" to blame.

Such terrorists have given up any right to call themselves human, nevermind muslims. Or christians, or budhists, or jews, or any religion. Many of those in positions of real power are little better, allowing and even encourageing, such acts.

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