Because Israel has continue the illegal occupation according to international law and the 1967 borders ...they have oppressed the Palestinian people ,dispossessing their homes and taken away their incomes by poisoning their grapes and cutting their olive trees....they are continuously been opress by IDF soldiers in check points as well as making them wait hours on extreme weather on points that resembles cattle and not humans ....Israel has used phosphorus bombs Against Palestinian civilians yet not one has made Israel accountable for such criminal act !!!!!! It's been 65 year of abuse to the Palestinians with many forced to live in other countries without not right of return !!!!!
Palestinian is a place that does not have an army ...that can defend her the abuse that the illegal settlers in Palestine land they terrorize and abuse the Palestinians even with guns ....and the illegal Israeli settlers has little or no punishment for their actions .
It's enough !!!! We want a free Palestine with all of her 1967 borders .

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