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Seattle Great Wheel To Be Lit Teal September 18, 2013 from 7-10 pm

We didn't get Facebook, but what we do have is so much more beautiful. The giant Ferris wheel off of Pier 57 in Seattle, http://seattlegreatwheel.com/, will display elegant lights of TEAL in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

I received notice a few days ago, see my open letter of gratitude at www.nobodyhasovariancancer.blogspot.com, and am excited for every patient, doctor, caregiver, loved one, fundraiser, advocate and researcher in the area.

I am but a patient, and many other organizations have also been working on this, so for The Seattle Great Wheel to support this important cause in such an historic manner for us, is fantastic.

We can educate and raise awareness. We can honor our lost sisters. We can embrace the survivors and be hopeful. It is a time to reflect and heal.

This is the beginning of what I believe to be a cooperative effort for all like minded individuals who want to find a screening tool and find a cure. Never give up on the cure.

Please share this wonderful news. My blog may be a good tool and if a press release is issued and I can get a copy, I will send it out too.

Please join us, if not in person, in your heart.

Hope, peace and love

Denise Archuleta


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